Eastern Grey Kangaroo

(Macropus giganteus)

Of all the native wildlife that still occurs in Mount Evelyn the kangaroo is one everyone can point out whether you’re a local or a tourist passing by on the way to the outer valley.

A large marsupial the Eastern Grey Kangaroo remains secure and common across it’s range, weighing in at nearly 70kg and standing at 2m tall in an adult male, the Eastern Grey Kangaroo is the second-largest marsupial in the world after the much larger Red Kangaroo which is found in the arid-interior of Australia.

Despite Mount Evelyn being on the urban fringe kangaroos are still a common sight but probably less so then their forest cousin the Swamp Wallaby, some mobs and individuals can be found in open grasslands, paddocks and sparse woodlands around Mount Evelyn so keep your eyes peeled.