Why record sightings?

Recording wildlife has led to in-depth knowledge about the plants and animals that we share our lives with. The data can be used to guide conservation, land management, support government policy decisions, ask research questions, and educate both children and adults about the natural world and its importance to our environment, health and wellbeing.

We are building up a database of wildlife records from the Mount Evelyn area and use this data to inform the many areas of our conservation work.

Sharing this data with the a broader network, enables us to inform the work of the conservation community as a whole.

With a grant from Melbourne Water, we have been able to put together a Datalist of all the historical sighings of the local Fauna species.


Contribute and record a sighting:


Are you a nature lover? Do you often see interesting wildlife?

Why not join MEEPPA in recording your sightings?

We have a 'community science' project up and running to record species data in the Mount Evelyn area. We would love to include your sighings in our data. It's easy and anyone can do it, please have a go and make a contribution.

In order to contribute your sightings data, you can do one of two things:


Use our data collection form on this website to submit your sight details. We will then make the submission on your behalf to ALA, crediting you.


Register an ALA account for yourself, and contribute to all the available projects. We have a project for the Mount Evelyn area, we'd love your help!

The Mount Evelyn Fauna and Flora project is hosted by Atlas of Living Australia (ALA).
We acknowledge the use of the Atlas of Living Australia, grid.506668.b

Field expert?   School outing?   "I-use-my-phone-for-everything"?

Get the mobile App for your device and start contributing like a pro!

The BioCollect App is free to download and use.

Plus you can add all your other projects in your library and capture data with just one App.