Month: August 2020

Bandicoot Watch introductory video

Our fauna researcher and project leader for Bandicoot Watch, Thomas produced this introductory video for MEEPPA’s Long-Nosed Bandicoot work please check it out.

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Bandicoots in Mt Evelyn


Months spent tracking the Long-Nosed Bandicoot in Mount Evelyn have finally paid off, with the most significant local sighting of the animal in over 50 years. Eight months ago, numerous camera traps were set up by zoology student Thomas Hennessy and the Mount Evelyn Environment Protection and Progress Association (MEEPPA). As part of the Bandicoot…

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Mt Evelyn’s elusive bandicoots reveal themselves

After 8 long months of placing camera traps in bushland near the town we are delighted to say we have successfully recorded our first Long-Nosed Bandicoots under MEEPPA’s own Bandicoot Watch Program founded and overseen by zoology student Thomas Hennessy. This is the second sighting of the species in Mount Evelyn after the last government…

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